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Welcome to Advanced Family Eye Care of Springfield, MO

Our optometric practice proudly serves the Springfield, MO area with a tradition of quality service and a friendly staff. Dr. Cook takes great pride in offering every patient the absolute best in vision care—whether through fitting them with eyeglasses or contact lenses, diagnosing cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases, or recommending LASIK and other eye surgery procedures.

Our expert optometrist and experienced staff will take the time to answer all of your questions, explain treatment options, and provide the highest quality eye
health treatments available.

Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook

After graduating from Southern California College of Optometry in 1980, Dr. Cook moved back to MO...

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Built on the foundation of patient convenience and satisfaction, Advanced Family Eye Care serves all of your family’s eye care needs under one roof. Come visit our modern facility and friendly doctor and staff!

Vision Wellness News


Which is better for eye health: flaxseed oil or fish oil? Learn the pros and...

Flaxseed oil and fish oil may help improve dry eyes. But which is better?

A substance found in kale, spinach and other leafy greens may protect you from glaucoma....

One and a half cups of leafy greens per day seems to lower glaucoma risk.

Ditch the itch! Don't rub those itchy eyes - that can make them worse. Instead,...

Your eye care practitioner can find the cause of your itchy eyes and prescribe the best treatment.

Learn what snow blindness is and how to avoid this painful, scary eye condition.

Protecting your eyes from sunlight is important even in winter! Here's why you don't want to be snowblind.

Certain yoga poses can increase eye pressure, says a new study. Can you guess which...

Glaucoma News: If you have glaucoma, you may want to revise your yoga routine.

Can you guess how many hours a day people are using digital devices? This new...

The Vision Council released a surprising new report on digital eye strain.

On-the-sidelines eye-tracking test may detect concussion faster than ever. (Watch the video for details.)

Athletes in rough sports are at risk for concussion. Eye-tracking can determine quickly if they need to leave the game.

Flying champagne corks are super-dangerous for eyes. Here's a great video that will help you...

Holiday beverage-opening can be risky, but this video can help.

Steve Harvey's Miss Universe mistake may have resulted from tiny, hard-to-see print.

Even good vision can be foiled by poorly designed reading material!

Had a hearing test lately? In some situations, how well you hear can affect how...

Eyes vs. ears: Which are more helpful in dealing with your environment?

Ever thought about how climate change could affect our eyes? [Video]

Climate change can harm our eyes in three ways, said a researcher at a National Institutes of Health symposium.

Children with a lazy eye read more slowly, says study.

Reading ability is one reason it is so important for kids to have early eye exams to detect and treat amblyopia.

We may see more women's eyewear in pink or blue in 2016! [Video]

Pantone chooses two beautiful colors as Color of the Year for 2016.

Possibly thanks to healthier living, the number of new cases of diabetes has been falling...

The CDC announced a falling rate of new cases of diagnosed diabetes among Americans.

How to prevent eye injuries when frying a turkey...

Tips for cooking a holiday meal without harm to eyes and other body parts.

Did you know that smoking can harm your vision? Learn how...

The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, Nov. 19. Don't wimp out - quit smoking and save your eyesight!